Other Accidents & Illness

There are many other types of accidents which give rise to a legal responsibility to you if you sustain injury.

Here are just a few case examples that R. James Hutcheon Solicitors have successfully resolved for our clients:

Football Injury
Mr X was playing 5 a side football at his local sports centre. Unfortunately as he went to tackle an opponent, his leg was cut due to glass left on the pitch. The Local Council who owned the sports centre admitted liability. The wound required cleaning and left a permanent scar of some 5 inches. He obtained compensation in total including out of pocket expenses of over £4,000.

Food poisoning on holiday
Mr and Mrs X went on a package holiday and sustained food poisoning from eating at their hotel. Their holiday was spoilt and they continued to have problems for about 6 weeks. They received almost 80% of the cost of the holiday, some out of pocket expenses, two weeks loss of earnings and over £4500 compensation between them for their suffering.

Installation of an electrical appliance that gives rise to an electric shock
Mr Y had recently moved into a newly built home. The fuse had blown and he attempted rectify the problem in the fuse box situated in the garage. When he opened the box and tried to fix the problem, his finger somehow was able to come into contact with a live wire causing him to suffer from a powerful electric shock. The electrician who installed the box admitted liability and he recovered compensation of over £2500 for his injuries and some out of pocket expenses.

Mother sustained “severe shock” when she witnessed an injury to her child
A mother witnessed a car reverse over her daughter who was aged 5 at the time of the accident. Thankfully her daughter was not seriously injured, but her mother, fearing the worst suffered from shock. She was able to sue the driver of the vehicle who admitted liability. She recovered compensation of over £5,000 and out of pocket expenses and her daughter also recovered over £1500 for her injuries.

In all cases Solicitors and barrister fees were paid by the insurer on top of the compensation award. Client Y therefore received 100% of their compensation. 

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