Medical Negligence Claims

Medical mistakes do happen. Doctors, Dentists and other medical professionals are only human. They are insured in case anything does go wrong. Some professionals do fall short of the standard expected from them.

If you do suffer injury as a result, a claim for compensation can be made. This is a specialist area and we will put you in touch with expert solicitors and barristers.

Medical Negligence Claims

Examples of Clinical Negligence Cases

Here are just a few case examples settled by R. James Hutcheon Solicitors:

Injury following a visit to the dentist
The claimant, a 34-year-old woman, received £21,115 for the injuries to her teeth. The dentist proposed to crown several of the claimant’s teeth, but when the crowns became loose, she sustained injury during treatment. She had 20 teeth removed, had to have many teeth re-cemented and wore dentures. The claimant’s top lip also “sunk in” as a result of the tooth extractions.

Laser eye treatment gone wrong
The claimant, a 43-year-old man, received £500,000 for the severe vision impairment sustained during laser eye treatment in1998. The claimant was unable to drive or return to his employment, and required assistance from others in his day-to-day activities. He could see very little and his vision was variable on a day-to-day basis. The claimant had always suffered from a lazy eye and myopia and required remedial treatment. The claimant underwent laser treatment to both eyes.

Hip replacement gone wrong
The claimant, a 66-year-old man, received £10,000 for right leg and hip injuries when the hip prosthesis had not been straightly inserted following total hip replacement surgery in November 2000. The claimant suffered from ongoing pain in his back and hips, his mobility was impaired and he was unable to dress unaided.
He was told that he was suffering from fractures that had been caused by the replacement shifting and the cracking of his right femur. The claimant was re-admitted to hospital and he underwent a second hip replacement with a longer prosthesis.

Misdiagnosis of a psychiatric illness
The claimant, a 32-year-old man, received £17,200 in respect of additional time spent in psychiatric units during 1998. The claimant had suffered an acute relapse in his psychiatric condition following the discontinuance of medication on the basis of a misdiagnosis in his condition.

Baby injured at birth
The claimant, a 3-year-old girl, received £75,000 for the arm and shoulder injuries sustained during birth in 1998. During delivery, the claimant’s arm and shoulder became trapped in her mother’s cervix for approximately 17 minutes. Staff at the defendant’s hospital had to break the claimant’s collar bone in order for the birth to continue, causing the claimant injury. The claimant was permanently disabled and she was severely restricted in her choice of employment in the future.

Injury to ureter following hysterectomy
A 45 year-old woman, received £40,000 by way of an out of court settlement for the severe damage sustained to her left ureter following a hysterectomy operation in 1997. She suffered from regular bouts of pyelonephritis and was unable to continue working full-time.

Heart Operation that went wrong
The claimant, a 21-year-old woman, received £450,000 for the internal injuries sustained during a heart repair operation (when she was 6 years old) in May 1986. The claimant underwent a heart repair operation at hospital and during surgery, the claimant’s aorta was ruptured, causing injuries which worsened her condition.

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