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The football child abuse scandal is now being unfolded  by brave former young footballers who have been abused over many years.

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Football Child Abuse Claims

The allegations centred around a former Football Coach Barry Bennell who worked for the following clubs:

It has been reported in the National Press the he has also worked for other junior Clubs in the North and Midlands. Since that time, it is reported that there are over 83 potential suspects into sexual abuse in football, historical in nature. The scale is alarming.


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We have now set up a confidential help line for footballers (their friends for family) to speak to an advisor and find out more information.


Unprecedented Fooballers Who Have Been Abused

The allegations of football child abuse claims have now generated an unprecedented demand for advice and support by the Children’s charity NSPCC to help football child abuse victims who have reported:

  • 50 calls within the first 2 hours of opening
  • 860 calls in the first week.

The historic sexual abuse came to gather publicity when on 16 November when Andy Woodward a former Sheffield United player had the courage to informed the Guardian Newspaper about the sexual abuse by a Crewe football Coach Barry Bennell whilst he was a youth academy player.  Not long after that story was published Ex-Crewe Football Player Steve Walters and former Liverpool FC player Paul Stewart spoke out about their experiences.

Now more than 20 players have approached the Football Association (Football’s Governing Body) to consider their position into these shocking allegations, to help with the investigations and support those victims who have been sexually abused whilst being coached as a child with Professional and Grass Roots football Clubs.

Criminal Investigations Into Football Child Sexual Abuse

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Football child Abuse Claims

It is a criminal offence to have a sexual relationship with a child who is under the age of 18 years.  In the context of football, there is the added dimension of the position of trust between the Club, its employees (Coaching staff) and the young academy players.  Safeguarding young football players against any type of abuse is paramount.

The law provides a clear duty of care upon the Club to provide safe environment for young players and if any of a football clubs employees (this includes Managers & Coaching staff) sexually abuse children in their care, the Club can be held responsible for any football child abuse compensation claim and the abuser can also face severe criminal charges.

The fact that the football child abuse occurred many years ago is not a bar to making a claim for compensation or for the police to press charges.  Even if the abuser has died it does not prevent an investigation by the Police and to make a claim.


Boys Less Likely To Speak Out About Sexual Abuse

A survey by the NSPCC reveals that boys are less likely than girls to speak out about being a victim of child sexual abuse.  Where this has been reported and gender is known:-

  • 16% of counselling sessions about sexual abuse were with boys
  • compared to 84% with girls

Football Academies are male dominant and traditionally it is difficult for young boys to speak out and talk and share with others about their experiences.  Often keeping silent, tormenting themselves into later life causing tremendous stress and depression.

Football Child Abuse Compensation Claims

If you or someone you know has been affected by this story and want to seek advice about how to start the investigations against the Football Club, Football Coach or Sports Governing Body the Football Association please contact our specialist Solicitor Mr Ronnie Hutcheon who will can offer sympathetic expert advice and guidance.

In addition to getting to the truth, a civil compensation payment for the sexual abuse can be claimed, perhaps an apology or helping others often will benefit the victim and help rebuild their life.  Specialist Counselling, education and training may also be obtained.


Why Contact The Football Child Abuse Claim Solicitors?

We are a niche practice offering a specialist and broad experience in dealing with complex and demanding cases.  When it comes to football child abuse claims our Solicitor Ronnie Hutcheon offers a greater insight that most lawyers due to the following experiences:

  1. A qualified and registered football agent/football intermediary.
  2. Specialist in personal injury and psychiatric harm compensation claims.
  3. Qualified with the Football Association – Football Badges (Level 2).
  4. Qualified with the Football Association – Youth Coaching Badges (Level 2).
  5. Masters Degree – Sports Law.
  6. Grass roots football coach

The experience gain in football means that we are placed in a privilege position to understand how football coaches who have abused young child footballers have used the system to perpetrate their crime.  

Ronnie Hutcheon, our solicitor has said:

“Being in football for such a long time has left me bereft with the scale of the problem. Many former footballers are now faced with a life sentence of physical and psychological abuse by football Clubs whose employees have not only taken advantage of young children but have systematically (it appears) tried to hide the problem. What it simply bewildering is that Club(s) at the highest level have paid ‘hush money’ to victims of child abuse rather than call for a root and branch enquiry into the allegations and inform the Police. I have set up an advice and legal support line for anyone affected by the football abuse scandal on 0800 011 2757, anonymity and complete confidence is assured.”

We understand it is difficult to call and make that first step of the journey to seek justice and that may ease some of the guilt and hurt.  But one call is all it takes and you will be supported by our team who are dedicated to help you.

Hutcheon Solicitors Contact Page

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Help & Advice Child Sex Abuse Claims

APAC (the National Association for People Abused in Childhood)
Tel support line: 0808 801 0331 (free from UK landlines or mobiles and is totally confidential).
Web: napac.org.uk
The UK’s leading national charity offering support to adult survivors of all types of childhood abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect.  

NSPCC Football Hotline: 0800 023 2642
The hotline will be available 24 hours a day.

The FA, reporting concerns...
Web: thefa.com/news/2016/Sep/21/reporting-concerns
Reporting a concern about a child is everyone’s responsibility – here’s how you do it.

Tel: 01273 911 680
Email: admin@mankindcounselling.org.uk
Website: mankindcounselling.org.uk
Provides one-to-one counselling, therapeutic groups and couple counselling to men (age 18+) who have experienced sexual abuse at any time in their lives.

Survivors UK
Tel: 020 3598 3898
Email: help@survivorsuk.org
Web: survivorsuk.org
Support for men who have been raped or sexually abused. Also provides webchat, face-to-face counselling and support groups in the London area. 

HAVOCA (Help for Adult Victims of Child Abuse)
Web: havoca.org
Provides information to any adult who is suffering from past childhood abuse. Website includes survivors' forum.

Adult helpline: 0844 847 7879
Under 18s helpline: 0808 802 0808
Web: lifecentre.uk.com
Telephone counselling for survivors of sexual abuse and those supporting survivors.

One in four
Web: oneinfour.org.uk
Advocacy service, counselling service (available over skype and in several languages) and information for people who have experienced sexual abuse.

The Lantern Project
Web: lanternproject.org.uk
Help and support for survivors of sexual abuse. Information library on website, and survivors' online forum.

The Survivors Trust
Web: thesurvivorstrust.org
UK network of support organisations for survivors of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse. Offers extensive information resources plus details of your local specialist.

Confidential 24 hour helpline: 0808 800 5000
Web: nspcc.org.uk

Telephone helpline for children and young people: 0800 1111
Web: childline.org.uk

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