Child Abuse Compensation £48,000

Thursday 29th December 2016

Child Abuse Compensation £48,000

In this case a young boy who joined the Scouts was groomed and molested over a period between the ages of 8 and 11 and more infrequently thereafter.  The perpretrator was convicted of child abuse and the Scouts were liable for the perpretrator’s actions would pay any compensation to the victim.

The child abuse took place in the 1980’s so it many years ago.  The victim when the case was brought was in his 40’s.

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There was no rape or buggery but a list of abuse is below as referred to in the case Scout Case: child abuse compensation:

(a) Grooming and manipulating the claimant;

(b) Requiring the claimant to view pornography;

(c) Fondling the claimant’s leg;

(d) Kissing the claimant;

(e) Fondling the claimant’s genitals under his clothing;

(f) Requiring the claimant to undress;

(g) Requiring the claimant to wear sexually inappropriate clothing;

(h) Requiring the claimant to assume sexually explicit poses;

(i) Photographing and video recording the claimant during the abuse;

(j) Masturbating the claimant;

(k) Performing oral sex upon the claimant;

(l) Digitally penetrating the claimant’s anus;

(m) Penetrating the claimant’s anus with his tongue;

(n) Engaging in frottage with the claimant (thrusting his penis between the claimant’s buttocks;

(o) Ejaculating on the claimant’s anus;

(p) Requiring the claimant to masturbate Hopkins;

(q) Requiring the claimant to perform oral sex upon Hopkins;

(r) Ejaculating in the claimant’s mouth;

(s) Abusing other children in the claimant’s presence;

(t) Requiring the claimant to engage in sexual activity with other children.

The Judge hearing the case advised that the child abuse claim is fact specific and thus to value a claim for compensation for sexual abuse to a child had to be determined on the facts and that the previous case law was of little help.

The Guidleines to the Assessment of Damages (a book used by lawyers and judges) provides for a rage of awards between £40,000 to £96,000 where the prognosis is poor.

In this case however, the compensation amount was £48,000 and there was NO AWARD for future loss of earnings.

Affected by Child Abuse?

We understand how difficult it is to come forward and to make a claim for compensation for child abuse.  It is no uncommon for even the vicitm’s partner for close family to be aware of the historic sexual abuse.

Your case will be handled by experiences solicitors and your privacy and confidentiality will be assured.

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